About Shuttle

       To embody originality and to produce timeless pieces by adopting individuality; The socks, which make the color shine, set out to conquer the Australian continent without losing their balance. Elegantly dynamic looking socks with harmonious lines and vibrant colors will be a talking point for Australia. Shuttle uses the slogan "Be Cool" for the brand's DNA. Shuttle; The traveler has tended to achieve incredible success as a label of choice among adventurous Australian people with attention to detail and shoppers known for their playful fashion design. Socks are products that have become the cornerstone of the label.

         Blending classic, thrifty and minimalist passion, his unique style will prove to have become a success that attracts many young and aspiring clients, as well as a large number of human beings.

         Shortly after its opening, it will break the codes of the garter style of its time with an empowered sense of magic, and its timeless attitude, coupled with the vision of inclusive product diversity, will serve to move forward in a modern and powerful way. It will maintain both a personal and liberating sense of style and create a style beyond the casual fashion world.
An ideal mix of traditional and contemporary; Socks with original knowledge, simple, clear lines, graphic and contemporary designs will represent the essence for people. Shuttle will demonstrate faithful work to beliefs and customers that will bring prosperity and beauty.


         Thanks to its ironic and funny socks, Shuttle will become the leader in Australia, reinforced by their meticulous attention to the public's images and will gradually become one of the best brands in the world. It will step up to become a global cultural catalyst, supporting creativity and versatility and creating a global lifestyle brand that exemplifies the minimal aesthetics of a range of products. We will continue to excite and inspire our viewers while using stunning designs.